Restaurant Connect Review

Restaurant Connect


Easy to use


Multiple income stream


Value for money





  • Advanced Chat bot technology
  • Online Ordering System
  • SMS Messaging Platform


  • Limited Client Account Per License

Restaurant connect review here will expose the facts behind the this Saas Software. This Restaurant connect review has been carefully put together to help you make the best decision out of your investment.

What is Restaurant connect, It is a software that makes doing restaurant business easy and profitable especially with the changes that are happening around the world.

This software provides a two-way income system. You can either offer this software as a service to the local restaurant or use it in your own restaurant. Either way, you are sure to get value for your money. Restaurant connect is so value packed that its does all the work that many big restaurants struggle to achieve.

  • Online Ordering System
  • Online Table Reservations
  • SMS text message marketing platform
  • Advanced Chat bot technology
  • Client Portal
  • No 3rd Party Integrations
  • Branded VIP Club

All of the above and more can be achieved from the Restaurant connect software everything you need to succeed in your restaurant business in one place. Isn’t that amazing?

Never worry again about an effective Digital marketing system. The all in one Restaurant connect software has provided all that you need to make a fortune from your business.

Imagine getting Restaurant connect for $27 and charge your local restaurant client as high as $100/month. Now multiple $100 x 6 clients = $600 monthly doing absolutely nothing.

Did you know that Restaurant connect used to be $24/month but now you have a whole year access for just $27 all for the black Friday offer.

What you need to do now is this, take advantage of this offer and reach out to local restaurant to create a monthly account for them while you smile to bank with little or no effort. Restaurant connect is your way to financial freedom and success in your restaurant business.


I tried the Restaurant connect out to be sure it meets all the claim of the vendor. What I found out was that It delivered beyond what was advertised. It makes ordering online, customer follow-up and retention, boost sales up to 30% more and help cut advertising cost by 15%.

I highly recommend Restaurant connect software for everyone who wants to start SAAS business or a restaurant owner who wants out perform the competition.

The one thing I wish could be improved on is the local client account. Restaurant Connect provides 6 client accounts per license. On the other hand 6 local client that can be charged as you like sounds cool to begin with but when you want to scale you may need to buy more licenses.

Author: Feyi' Eniola

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