What is SEO and How does it work?

What is SEO and How does it work?

Search Engines like Bing, Yandex and Google among others display websites after certain keywords are searched, the results they think are relevant and authoritative are the displayed in response to the search. They quantify relevance by analyzing content and they ascertain authority based on many other things, the quality and depth of the links a web page has is particularly important.

How can you turn your website into the type of site that the various search engines will show when they are searching for results? Simple: Good Content plus Quality

Links equals SEO Success!

Have you ever thought of how Google determine which page should be rank and which is not to be ranked?

Google encourages the web pages it considers as authority web pages by pushing them upwards in its rankings. You must understand that it is your responsibility  or the responsibility of  the agency you hire to work on your SEO  to create authority web pages. Basically this involves building links and writing unique content.

So basically SEO is about creating pages contents that use keywords, keywords are words individuals looking for an information online use when using the search engine, and getting back links from other quality pages to show how important your web page is when put in contrast with the others web pages.

An A-B-C Guide to Speedup Search engine results:

Write unique contents that will be useful to your website visitors.

Take backlinnks building seriously because it is one of the life-wire of your page SEO.

Keep carrying this out!

SEO is simply putting out contents that are keyword rich and correlate to what the website is offering. With that said, if there has ever been a business which was poorly comprehended by outsiders’ then it’s SEO. Ask some SEO businesses about SEO and they’re going to try get you confused with some big terminologies and unnecessary jargon. This is the reason, if you employ the service of an agency to complete this work, you should understand what they’re doing  and why they are doing it!

Since backlinks building seems very important, so how do I get them? Correct, Getting quality back links are important but always remember that quality is what gets the job done and not just quantity . 15 or 20 links from quality relevant resources (pages) to one of your pages may have a far larger effect on the way your page ranks than the common 5000 terrible links that are hawked by many of  the SEO Agencies. Actually, if an SEO. company provides you with a

many back links for service charge, do not be deceived by them because they are usually spammers!!

One more thing you can do is to  search for quality links from other good websites, as long as you have contents that are link  back worthy  because good websites do not link to poor quality websites, why would they?

In Conclusion

Create unique and quality contents, give value to people that are visiting your webpages, link your webpages with other websites that are relevant to your niche and you will quickly begin to notice a notable traffic increase to your site.

Author: Feyi' Eniola

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