HQ Webinar Review

HQ Webinar


Newbie Friendly


Cost Effective


Based on Latest Technology



  • Co-Host and Moderator Option
  • Easy Integration with Autoresponders
  • Record and Replay Webinars As Evergreen
  • Monetize Your Webinar
  • Custom Branding


  • Limited Life Time Licenses Available

This HQ webinar Review will help you decide on whether or not to buy HQ webinar software.

HQ webinar is a web software used for web seminars/meetings. It has gone through many transformation from initial launch to v4(latest version).

I have the opportunity of buying this software myself and testing it out.

I have tested many webinar software but no one give such a wonderful experience like HQ webinar. The Version 4 is built of peer2peer technology such that is zero lag time between the speaker and the listener.

HQ webinar have some special features that cannot be found in many webinar software. One of such feature is the white board. It makes writing for all webinar participants to see easy. You don’t need an extra app to communicate by writing to your audience.

When i saw the CTA and live ad on HQ webinar I was blown away. You can actually time an advert to pop up during your live webinar and have a Call to action button on the advert for participants to buy. This Feature is great to create an urgency in the mind of the audience because you can actually time the advert or offer to disappear after a pre-determined time frame.

I have prepared some special bonuses that will change your business for good when you buy HQ webinar from this website. You will not get this bonuses on any other review website.


Author: Feyi' Eniola

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